Using Google Classroom


Google Classroom is a tool that helps easily organize the workflow of a blended learning environment. Students can complete assignments, collaborate on projects, and access classroom materials anytime. Google Classroom can help a teacher create a student-centered, self-paced environment for students of all ages. Google Classroom helps organize classroom calendars, student projects, classroom resources, and individual or group assignments. Teachers will have the ability to provide instant feedback, create collaborative material, and share resources with students, parents, and colleagues. This course outlines the basic principles of setting up and utilizing the features of Google Classroom in a variety of settings.

Participants will:

  • Create and implement the use of Google Classroom to share files with students or colleagues.
  • Utilize new forms of a digital classroom that may not be possible in a traditional classroom atmosphere.
  • Articulate the benefits of providing digital content for students, parents, and colleagues.

Course topics, along with companion online and hands-on activities, have been chosen to ensure participants walk away with many strategies and tools to support transformational teaching with technology. 

Topics will include:  

  • Creating and organizing a Google Classroom
  • Sharing Google Docs with students
  • Collecting and grading assignments inside of Google Classroom
  • Providing quality feedback to students
  • Organizing the workflow from teachers to students, and vis versa.

Sample Timetable

1-week Google classroom course Sample Timetable

Please note that some sessions may vary in content depending on the needs of the group.