Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers


Effective Communication Techniques for Teachers

This course is designed for those that want to develop the necessary skills to become effective in communicating with your students. In four modules you will learn efficient communication skills, Effective Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, Common Participation Structures and Stimulating student’s thinking.


Communication is more than just exchanging information. It's about the emotion and intentions behind the information.


Online Effective Communication Techniques.

Functions of talk
Procedural Talk
Types of Communication
Unintended Communications
Classroom Register
Teacher talk
Changes in Intonation
Formal Vocabulary and Grammar
Video: Comic Relief - Catherine Tate & amp; David Tennant Student talk
Off-Topic Questions
Side Talk
Eye Contact and Gaze Aversion
Summary – End of Module 1: Quiz
Verbal communication
Advanced Organisers
Relating New Material to Prior Knowledge
Cooperative Learning
Strategies for Control Talk
Video: Classroom Rules
Video: Become a More Effective Communicator - Mastering Non Verbal Communication
Non-verbal communication
Eye contact
Video: 5 Eye Contact Tips | How to Communicate With Your Eyes
Video: How to Make Eye Contact with Audience | Public Speaking
Wait time and Social distance
Summary – End of Module 2: Quiz
Effects on communication
Common Participation Structures
Video:How to Give a Better Lecture
Classroom discussion
Questions and answers
Group work
Summary – End of Module 3: Quiz